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We Are One

[14/08/20 TAO’S MEIPAI] 玩儿的真是开心 😂 (playing around so happy �)

[aka taohun in a nutshell]


kim jongdae casually doing push-ups and flashing his biceps like it is frigging alright

T.A…where’s the O?

김종대 = a mix of cute and unf since 1992

@HZT-ao: 玩儿的真是开心 

really happy to play

junmen being a good mom by stopping his son from doing dumb shit

Exo-M in a tub

jaeyul’s dream of kangwoo getting into an accident

sehun’s make-up transformation

Kim Jongin playing with:
      ↳a ladybug, two apples, a scooter, my feelings, his hair, the camera during the Die Jungs photoshoot.

because Taemin keeps answering Kai with his gag~
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