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We Are One

4d adorkable yixing

hyuk_in: 공연보러온 #EXO #첸 잘~ 생겻다!^^

director: okay kyungsoo i want you to glance down at his crotch while you guys piss in the bathroom
kyungsoo: ex...cuse me?
director: just do it
kyungsoo: alright then
kyungsoo: /glances down/
/phone starts ringing/
kyungsoo: pardon me, lemme just get this
kyungsoo: hello?
jongin: hyUNG
jongin: HYUNG STOP
You know who to call to melt every fangirls’ kokoro.

tao’s selfie game is so strong he even has bts of his meipai videos

iridescent boy | do not edit.

Them Muscles щ(ಠ益ಠщ)
M鹿M: 今天我人生的第一部电影杀青了![太开心]在这段时间里真的很感谢 归亚蕾老师,子珊姐,柏霖哥,陈正道导演还有所有前辈们和剧组所有工作人员对我的帮助和鼓励![害羞]我学到了很多东西! 我会继续努力! 很荣幸和大家一起拍电影!^^希望有机会还可以一起合作!@归亚蕾 @杨子姗 @陳柏霖 @陳正道

There is Jongdae and then there is Tao

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