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A blog dedicated to twelve amazing men sent from the so-called EXO Planet
Blog started 06.14.12 by two die hard exo fans.
Although I run this blog alone now, I will continue to work hard to share the exo love~


what the fuck does park chanyeol want from tao tbh????

sweet bean ✩ do not edit.

27/100 Edits of Minseok

the fucking way his body moves…

141018 SMTown Live Tour IV in Shanghai
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dancing machine chen strikes again!

Jongdae talking about the graffiti in Germany


does someone have a crush?

kaisoo during the making of exo-k’s pepero cf 

when sehun made baekhyun eat the pepero

exo-k - pepero cf

someone pls stop osh


while Tao took Sehun to a convenience store in his brand new Maserati that cost around $130,000-$140,000



then there’s Kai in helmet w his second hand bike


and Baek w his cute lil mini car


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About Me
My name is Jen. This blog is run by one person so sometimes the updates are not as frequent as other exo blogs but I try my best! I am usually on every day so if there is a question or a submit it would usually be answered or posted that very day unless it is late at night. I don't know what else to say for this about me part >.< Um... I am a college student? My bia is Lay and Chen (Thought I freakin have my moments of loving each and every member >.< (who doesnt?!))