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We Are One

[140727 FANACC] After the concert, (Yixing’s) grandparents were really nice and kind. I was all wet and holding my Xing LED board. Grandpa even told me, “You’ve worked hard.” and then shook my hands. Meanwhile, Grandma said, “Thank you.” to me. This is why I like Zhang Yixing so much. I don’t regret anything. You’re little my pride.


cr. 小北一般不搞笑-偶尔接个地气 (A fan who met Yixing’s grandparents)

It’s been exhausting, there were so many fans I was shocked. I’m exhausted. I can’t express how touched I am after seeing all of it, it has been so hard for all of you as well. I’m very happy, thank you for letting me perform in my hometown for the first time even and thank you for showing your love to all members of EXO. No wonder why they say you’re just like me. These photos are for you ^_^
source: yixing’s weibo | trans: fy-yixing

79 of ?? reasons why you can’t have a bias list w/EXO: ZHANG FREAKING YIXING.

sehun and his human magnet

Kyungsoo is such a cute little fanboy in It’s Okay, That’s Love, I’m going  to die. The drama so far is really awesome so far. Jo Insung is a hottie too. Kyungsoo fighting!


remember that one time kris tried to teach baekhyun how to fly


Baekhyun’s expression though after Kai had hit him and hug him tightly
aohonuna | do not edit. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Dandy And Fresh!

when luhan fell down due to the rain and there’s suho….

the real choreo of 3.6.5


i’m not entirely sure what’s going on between xiumin and lay tho

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